About Us

Evelyn's Elegant Edibles were inspired by holiday dinners at my grandmother's (yiayia) house. I come from a large Greek family and I have fond memories of the unique dishes prepared for the holidays. Because of the hours of preparation and the unique ingredients, we only had certain dishes, like Yiayia's Special Occasion Rice on these occasions. Our goal was to replicate her recipe with the same quality ingredients and great taste without all of the work so we can have these dishes at anytime.

We started by creating Yiayia's Special Occasion Rice for our family and they loved how simple it was to make – no more hours of laboring in the kitchen! Through word of mouth, our friends asked us for the easy to prepare mixes. We were inspired to develop our own line of rice and spice mixes, which are simple, unique and perfect for every occasion.

Our first marinade, Magnificent Mona Lisa Spice Mix, is a garlic and onion marinade inspired by one of my father's favorite recipes. Our line of products now includes both American and Mediterranean influences ranging from Gourmet Meatloaf Mix and Athenian Rice to our latest additions, Mama's Mouthwatering Rice Mix and Tuscan Spice Mix.

Once you try Evelyn's Elegant Edible's, they will become part of all your family occasions. See our full line of products on our product page.

Bon Appetit! (or Kali Orexi for the Greek in all of us!)